Change My Ride Reward Donation Offer

The goal of is to encourage and support sustainable transportation choices. By logging sustainable trips in the Trip Calendar registered ChangeMyRide community members are eligible to be entered into contests for great prizes. We're excited to have you join us in our efforts to improve the quality of life for all Region of Peel residents! As a ChangeMyRide Rewards Partner your business will be positioned as a community leader in sustainability.


The ChangeMyRide pilot program is a Region of Peel project to encourage people to drive less by walking, bicycling, carpooling, taking transit, or telecommuting instead. The portal will help people living in Peel choose active and sustainable travel options for work, school or personal trips, and help the Region reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. To encourage people to use the program, we are giving rewards, such as gift certificates to local businesses, to members who log their ‘green and sustainable trips’ on our website.


Businesses that supply rewards for the pilot program will enhance their image as businesses that promote community health, air quality, and livability. They will also increase their visibility throughout the Region of Peel community. Our ChangeMyRide participants will help you increase your customer base because by choosing to not drive alone they:

  • Shop closer to home,
  • Make more frequent small trips and spend more overall,
  • Travel at speeds that allow them to easily stop to buy something,
  • Have extra dispensable income that they are not spending on fuel, and
  • Free up parking for other customers.

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