Get rewards to win prizes just for logging your trips!

Change My Ride has an integrated incentive program that enables active users to earn points by logging their multimodal sustainable commute. The more trips you log; the more prizes you could win! Transit, carpooling, cycling, walking, and telework are all commute options that earn you points!

You might notice that there are currently two types of rewards options: Contest and Purchase


  1. Point levels reflect a status level. You can enter as many contests as you wish based on your point level.
  2. Contests are for a defined period. You must log your trips within the eligibility period. Points are reset to 0 for each monthly contest.

When you have enough points available to enter a contest, simply go to the rewards you'd like and click 'Enter" to enter into that random draw! Winners will be notified by the 15th of the month as to whether they've won in the preceding month's draw.


Users may use their earned points as currency to buy prizes.

So how can you win?

It's easy, quick and fun! Simply log your sustainable trips in the commute calendar daily. You can log as many multimodal trips as you take. A maximum of two (2) points can be earned each day. That means if you take the bus to and from work, and log those trips, you've got 2 points! All your activity is tracked and summarized for quick viewing.

You can also get points for contacting a potential ridematch or sharing your activity to social media!