Change My Ride Commute Ambassadors

Change My Ride Commute Ambassadors are driven by a desire to share their interest and knowledge of our community and how to get around. Commute Ambassadors are volunteers that come from a wide range of backgrounds and are instrumental in helping others find enjoyable, relevant and sustainable commuting options. Together with the Region of Peel staff and Change My Ride program managers, Commute Ambassadors combine their personal expertise with provided training materials to help people choose to ‘change their ride’!

Who can be an Ambassador?

Any resident of the Region of Peel can be a Commute Ambassador! Our pilot program is focused on the Bramalea area specifically and therefore seeking Ambassadors from this region. We’re looking for champions of sustainable commuting to use their influence and networks to get residents to consider changing their ride to transit, carpooling, cycling, walking or telework. It takes a special kind of person to be a Commute Ambassador – one who enjoys interacting with people and has a passion for change. Commute Ambassadors want to improve their community and help people! Does this sound like you?

What are the requirements to be a Change My Ride Commute Ambassador?

A Change My Ride Ambassador should have the following skills:

  • Experienced with a minimum of one (1) sustainable commute option in Peel (transit, carpool, cycling, walking or telework)
  • A demonstrated leader or champion in Bramalea.
  • Experienced at volunteering in a community setting
  • Passionate about our environment and using sustainable commuting options
  • Experienced in working with other residents through community organizations, service groups, religious organizations, local businesses and others.
  • Experienced in working with diverse cultures and communities.
  • Great at communicating and networking.

Mandatory steps to becoming a Commute Ambassador include:

  • Undergoing a valid police check
  • Submitting a CV and statement of interest
  • Successful completion of a pre-qualification interview
  • Successful completion of Commute Ambassador training

What will I do as a Commute Ambassador?

Commute Ambassador responsibilities are clear and straightforward: It’s all about Change!

Change commuting behaviour

Help others understand their commuting options

Advance the goals of Change My Ride by encouraging and supporting sustainable commuting options.

Network. Change My Ride is a movement towards sustainability. Commute Ambassadors will share the benefits of transit, carpooling, cycling, walking and telework with an ever expanding network of supporters and program participants. Let’s show Canada how the Region of Peel can be a national success story on commuting sustainably.

Grow the Change My Ride network by interacting with people in small groups or individually

Energize the community! The Region of Peel is a fantastic place to live and we want to be a catalyst to bring the community together through the common goal of helping people choose commute options that reduce the impact to our environment and improve the quality of life for the Region of Peel residents, workers and visitors.

What are the benefits of being a Commute Ambassador?

There are many great reasons to be a Change My Ride Commute Ambassador:

  • Get involved in the community
  • Leadership – be recognized in your community as a leader for change
  • Meet and network with Region of Peel residents
  • Encourage sustainable travel
  • Be a part of a team that is improving the quality of life within the Region of Peel

How can I apply to be a Change My Ride Commute Ambassador?

Apply to be a Commute Ambassador by emailing us.

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